CareFirst Medical accepts all insurances and has low cash pay options for uninsured patients.  We offer competitive rates for testing, x-rays, and visits with quality and efficiency.


CareFirst Medical Associates Service Fee
New Patient Medical Exam 95.00
New Patient Medical Exam w/ Labs 145.00
New Patient Medical Exam w/ Labs & CXR 175.00
Established Patient Medical Exam 95.00
Established Patient Medical Exam w/ Labs 125.00
Established Patient Medical Exam w/ Labs & CXR 150.00
Level I Office Visit 95.00
Level II Office Visit 125.00
Level III Office Visit 175.00
Level IV Office Visit 250.00
Sports/Camp/School Physical Exam 75.00
Administrative Physical Exam/DOT Physical 95.00
Administrative Physical Exam w/ Prevention 150.00
FAA Physical Exam 125.00
Immigration Physical Exam 250.00
Grade 1 Procedure Visit 125.00
Grade 2 Procedure Visit 165.00
Grade 3 Procedure Visit 200.00
Grade 4 Procedure Visit 250.00
Follow-up Exam Visit Level I 85.00
Follow-up Exam Visit Level II 115.00
Follow-up Exam Visit Level III 145.00
Nurse Administration Fee 15.00
Nurse Counseling 35.00
Brief Physician Counseling ( 15 min) 85.00
Moderately Complex Counseling (25 min) 115.00