Primary Care

We provide routine check ups and daily healthcare needs in order to establish a relationship with our patients and give them a team to trust. With routine and annual exams we can build a better understanding of your needs and bring you truly personalized care.



DOT Physicals & Drug Screens

We are certified for all of your DOT employment needs. Our hours are also accommodating with work schedules so you can get your DOT needs taken care of as quickly as possible.



Allergy Testing

We do allergy testing on site to find out what trigger your allergies and establish an allergy treatment plan that is effective for you. Whether you require seasonal or regular check ups and medicine, we make sure you are prepared and comfortable.



Cosmetic Procedures

Our facility offers the resources for a broad range of minor cosmetic surgeries such as mole, wart, and skin tag removal. We are also able to treat lacerations, wounds, and other injuries related to urgent care.



Diabetes Education

We believe in preventative care and education for healthy lifestyles. There are resources and treatment available through us for diabetes care and we take the time to make sure you are equipped with the information on your options.



Occupational Medicine

For employers interested in a local clinic to supply treatment for their company, we offer employment physicals, drug screenings, workers’ compensation exams, and all of the care needed for keeping members of your own team healthy.



Ancillary Services

Laboratory testing, EKG, X-Rays, and spirometry are all available through our clinic in order to provide a thorough and complete medical history.